Thai Chicken Green Curry

Thai chicken green curry

I’m definitely a curry fan and green curry is one of my favorites. When I lived in Thailand as a kid I used to think there was such weird veggies in green curry so I would avoid it and go with a simple yellow curry, but don’t be scared off. First off you need to hunt down some good curry paste, I am starting to see curry paste sold more often at a local grocery store now so you may not have to go out of your way to an Asian store, but more likely than not the Asian store will have a more authentic brand. I used Mae Ploy which is my go to curry paste brand. Here is a link to buy it on Amazon. Green curry paste: Amazon

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Also you will need 2 cans of coconut milk, I’m picky about my brand because I like it thick and creamy. They do sell some decent brands now too at a regular grocery store. Aroy-d is one of my favorites! Here is a link to buy it on Amazon. Coconut milk: Amazon

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You will also need fish sauce and mushroom soy sauce. Here are links to buy them on Amazon. Fish sauce: Amazon Mushroom soy sauce: Amazon

Ok, we have squared away our main ingredients, now its time to start prepping! Cut the Thai eggplant in bite sized pieces (you can sub regular eggplant if you can’t find Thai), rip a small handful of Thai basil leaves off the stems, mince the white part of lemongrass stalk(or cheat like me and get the tubes of minced lemongrass…it will change your life), and cut the chicken in bite sized pieces.


I had to post a picture of the eggplant because its just so cute!




prepped veggies


Next step pour the 2 cans of coconut milk into a medium to large pot and add the curry paste and lemongrass and heat on medium high. When the coconut milk is almost to a boil, add the eggplant (don’t forget to be stirring occasionally). Next, add the palm sugar, fish sauce, and mushroom soy sauce. Once the eggplant has cooked for a few minutes and is slightly tender add the chicken and lime leaves. Continue to stir every so often and once the chicken is cooked through add the basil leaves and shredded bamboo shoots. Turn the stove top to low and continue to simmer until the eggplant is soft……and that’s it! If you miss a step or get a step out of order don’t get it in tizzy, it will still be good and work out.




Don’t forget to serve this over jasmine rice, and why not squeeze a lime on it? I’m convinced lime makes everything better.

Thai Chicken Green Curry

Serves 4
Thai green curry with chicken, coconut milk, lime leaf, and eggplants.

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  1. •2 cans coconut milk
  2. •1 large chicken breast
  3. •3/4 cup Thai eggplant
  4. •1/2 cup shredded bamboo shoots
  5. •3-4 tbsp. green curry paste
  6. •1/2 tbsp. lemongrass
  7. •1 tbsp. palm sugar (or brown sugar)
  8. •2 tbsp. mushroom soy sauce
  9. •2 tbsp. fish sauce
  10. •4 lime leaves
  11. •small handful of Thai basil
  1. Heat the coconut oil on medium high, at the curry paste and lemon grass and bring to a slight boil.
  2. Add the eggplant and cook until semi soft, add the palm sugar, fish sauce, mushroom soy sauce, lime leaves and the chicken.
  3. Cook stirring frequently on medium low heat, when the chicken is cooked through add the basil leaves and the bamboo shoots.
  4. When the egg plant is soft you are ready to eat! Serve over jasmine rice and garnish with lime wedges. ENJOY
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